What’s It All About?

An English major and an environmentalist, an equestrian and a feminist, a Whovian and a lover of music… Welcome to the mad workings of my mind. It’s a beautiful place.

Why a Blog?

I decided to write this blog to create an outlet for all the things I simply must say about my various interests. That’s a pretty broad spectrum; it ranges from politics to horses, from all things literary to many things musical, from feminism to my confessed Anglophilia. Recently, I realized I desperately needed to write more; a blog seemed like the ideal medium of expression. Apparently I have some interesting things to say, so I decided to make my writing a public venture!

About the Title

I loosely derived “Rising Above the Clouds” from an exquisitely transcendental song by Muse, a longtime favorite band of mine. The song: “Cross-Pollination,” from the stunning three-part Exogenesis Symphony. The lyrics: “Rise above the crowds; break the toxic clouds. Breach the outer sphere, the edge of all our fears.” I’ve been fighting to rise above quite a few of my own clouds lately. Confronting myself–breaching that edge of fear–has ultimately lent a great deal of clarity to my perspective on many things. Of one thing I am certain: this newfound clarity makes me want to write down what is in my head, whether I am thinking about literature or politics or anything that happens to catch my interest. Expect a wildly varied array of posts once I really get down to the writing!


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