Here We Go Again…

As usual, I have managed to drop off the blogging map for several months. I like to think it’s with reason–in that time, I’ve applied for countless jobs, completed my undergraduate degree with honors, received a job offer, and started life as an adult. (Whatever that means. So far it just involves dumping my income into bills and plugging leaks when it rains. But I’m also getting more sleep, which is revolutionary to say the least.) When THAT happened, I thought I’d finally have time to return to writing for kicks. Yet, with impeccable timing, my laptop had other ideas and decided it was time to retreat into the grave…and so I was blog-less, because I’m not patient enough to write full posts on my phone. And I try not to waste too much time on the internetz while at work, so I’ve been unable to post anything written for fun. I’m on the upswing, though, and I’ve got great intentions. We’ll see if I can follow through this time!


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